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Add hidden fields to Squarespace forms

Squarespace Forms are a feature of Squarespace’s overall website building tool and are an easy way for Squarespace site owners to build forms for their website.

In this article, we’ll outline how to add the hidden fields and configure them to work with Attributer.

Step 1: Add 6x ‘Hidden’ form fields to your form

In your Squarespace account, open the page that contains your form in the Editor and then select the form on the page. A small popup will appear. Make sure the ‘Content’ tab is selected and then click on ‘Edit Form Fields’.

When the popup changes, you will see all of your existing form fields as well as an option to ‘Add New Field’. Select the option to ‘Add New Field’

Finally, you will be present with a number of different types of form fields you can add. Select the ‘Hidden’ field type to add it to your form.

Repeat the above 6x so that you have 6 hidden fields in your form.

Step 2: Configure the fields

Now that the fields have been added to your form, it’s time to configure them so that Attributer knows which fields to write the marketing attribution data to.

To configure a field, simply select it from the list of fields in the popup:

The popup will then change to show the various configuration options for the field. You’ll need to edit both the ‘Label’ and ‘Default Value’ fields.

For each of the 6x hidden fields you’ve added, you’ll need to configure them as follows:

Field #1

  • Label = Channel
  • Default Value = [channel]

Field #2

  • Label = Channel Drilldown 1
  • Default Value = [channeldrilldown1]

Field #3

  • Label = Channel Drilldown 2
  • Default Value = [channeldrilldown2]

Field #4

  • Label = Channel Drilldown 3
  • Default Value = [channeldrilldown3]

Field #5

  • Label = Landing Page
  • Default Value = [landingpage]

Field #6

  • Label = Landing Page Group
  • Default Value = [landingpagegroup]

That’s it! Attributer will now write the visitor’s marketing attribution data into these hidden form fields whenever they submit a form!

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