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Attributer not working for spam leads

If you have leads coming through where Attributer hasn’t completed the hidden fields with real data, one of the first things to check is whether the lead was legitimate (I.e. a real form submission from a real person) or a spam lead (I.e. Usually an unsolicited form submission promoting something).

The reason Attributer isn’t able to provide information on spam leads is that it’s actually bots submitting your forms and not real people.

Form spam bots are essentially little ‘spiders’ that crawl around the internet looking for forms, and when they find one they complete it with predefined information. They don’t run in a browser, which means the Attributer code cannot run nor can it store any data in the cookies (because without a browser, there’s no place to store the cookies).

So all in all, if some of your leads are missing information it’s worth checking whether they are legitimate leads or not. If it looks like they are then contact us and we can help you resolve any issues, but if it looks like they are spam leads then you now know why Attributer doesn’t provide information (and you can probably just delete these leads anyway).

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