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Keyword data not passing through

If a user arrives on your website from Organic Search and the keyword data is passed to us by the search engine, Attributer will write it into Channel Drilldown 3 and it will be sent into your CRM.

Unfortunately though, this doesn’t happen very often these days. Back in 2011, Google stopped passing through keyword data for anybody who is signed in to Google when they complete their search. Back then it wasn’t that many people, but over the years it’s basically become the vast majority. Bing followed suit in 2015 as well.

So the reality of the situation is that most of the time you won’t receive the keyword data through Attributer, and that’s simply because it’s not available to us (or any other analytics tool for that matter, including Google Analytics).

A screenshot from Google Analytics showing the keyword isn’t provided for the vast majority of visitors

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