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Caching and Speed Plugins Causing Issues

If you are using a host that aggressively caches sites (WPEngine and Kinsta are well known for this), or if you are using a caching plugin/service (such as WP Rocket or Cloudflare), then these tools can cause issues when you first add the hidden fields to your forms.

This is because these tools/hosts create static copies of your site in order to make it faster to access, and if you make changes to your site (I.e. adding the Attributer code or adding hidden fields to your forms) it can take a little while for the static copies to be updated with your changes.

This will often result in either no data coming through in Attributer’s hidden fields, or sometimes it can also mean the data will come through sporadically.

This can usually be fixed by clearing the cache from your website host or speed optimization plugin/service. Instructions for doing in the most popular tools can be found below:

If you have cleared the cache(s) and are still experiencing issues, contact our support team and we’ll be able to help you.

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