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‘None’ being displayed in the Channel Drilldown fields

It’s quite common for Attributer to write the word ‘None’ into some of the Channel Drilldown fields and in this article we’ll explain why.

Generally speaking, the Channel & Channel Drilldown fields are a hierarchy and each of the Drilldowns is supposed to provide a further level of information. For instance:

  • Channel – This is the top level of information and will always include the main category (I.e. Paid Search)
  • Channel Drilldown 1 – This is the 2nd level of information that will include further detail (I.e. Name of Search Engine)
  • Channel Drilldown 2 – This is the 3rd level of information that will include the next level of detail (I.e. Campaign Name)
  • Channel Drilldown 3 – This is the 4th level of information that will include the finest level of detail (I.e. Ad Group Name)

For certain channels though, there just isn’t enough information available to complete all the Drilldown fields and in that case we’ll write the word ‘None’ into the Drilldowns where there is no other information we can provide.

A good example of this is Direct Traffic. When a person comes directly to your site we literally have no other information we can provide in the Drilldown fields, so we just write the word ‘None’.

You can see a full list of what gets written into each Drilldown field for each Channel here.

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