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Not working with forms in a popup

Attributer can sometimes have a hard time working with forms that are displayed in a popup as opposed to being embedded into a page.

This is because, depending on how the popup is coded or what popup tool you are using, these forms aren’t actually present on the page and are actually loaded dynamically when called (I.e. when someone clicks the button to open the popup).

Instead of loading forms in a popup, we recommend having a dedicated page for your form (such as or You can see an example below from our own Attributer website:

This is actually a better approach for a number of reasons:

  • Better attribution data – Attributer has been tested many thousands of times over with forms that are embedded on the page, so it’s likely you’re going to get better, more consistent marketing attribution data if you don’t use a popup.
  • Mobile Responsiveness – Popups tend not to work as well on mobile devices as forms embedded on a page. Given that over 50% of web traffic is on mobile devices these days, it’s important to create a great mobile experience and placing forms in popups isn’t ideal.
  • Popup Blockers – Depending on how your popup is coded/what tool you use for it, some popup blockers (and even some browsers) may block it from appearing, which ultimately means you get fewer leads.
  • Dedicated Links – When you have your form embedded on a page, it has a URL that you can link people to from emails, social media posts, ads, etc. When you have it in a popup, this either isn’t possible or is much more complicated to setup.
  • Better Analytics – When you have your form embedded on a page, you can use tools like Google Analytics to see how many visits you get to that page. You can then compare this to how many leads you get and see a conversion rate for your form. This can help you understand if you are losing leads in the final stages of conversion (when they are completing the form).

Ultimately, having your form on a dedicated page will mean you get more leads and a better attribution data on where those leads are coming from.

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