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How Attributer Works

Learn the fundamentals of how Attributer works and dive into the details to really understand it

Attributer is a marketing attribution tool that makes it easy to send marketing attribution information into your CRM & other tools.


Attributer is a small piece of code that you place on your company's website.

When a visitor lands on your site, Attributer looks at a bunch of technical information about how that visitor got there (same things as tools like Google Analytics look at) and uses it to determine where the visitor originated from.

Attributer then categorizes the visit into a standardized set of marketing channels (the same channels you see in tools like Google Analytics, such as Organic Search, Paid Social, Paid Search, etc) and saves the data to a cookie in the user's browser.

When the site visitor submits a form on your website, Attributer passes the attribution information into hidden fields in your forms and the data flows into whatever backend tools you have connected to your forms, such as your CRM, email marketing tool, billing platform, analytics tools, etc.

You can then use this data to run reports that show you where your leads, customers & revenue are coming from and ultimately what you need to do to grow.

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