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Testing your Attributer implementation

Learn how to test if Attributer is working on your site or if you need to make some further changes

In this article, we'll outline the best way to test Attributer is set up and working correctly.

General instructions

The best way to test Attributer is simply to complete the form you set up the hidden fields on and then view the entry/submission in your form builder to see whether the data is flowing into the Channel & Landing Page fields correctly.

We recommend testing using the UTM parameters you use on your existing ad campaigns as well as navigating to your site from a Google search and/or a social media site to test the organic channels.

Ensure you are testing in a clean browser every time

Attributer is a 'first-touch' attribution system, which means it remembers and passes through the data from your first visit to the site.

So in order to properly test it, you need to ensure you open a new incognito window before each test, conduct your test, and then close it once the test it completed (cookies are only cleared when all incognito windows are closed, so if you don't close all incognito windows between tests you may get unexpected results).

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