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Add Hidden Fields to Wix Forms

WIx Forms are a feature of Wix’s overall website building tool and are an easy way for Wix site owners to build forms for their website.

In this article, we’ll outline how to add the hidden fields and configure them to work with Attributer.

Step 1: Add 6x ‘Short Answer Field’ form fields to your form

In your Wix account, open the page that contains your form in the Wix Editor and then select the form on the page. In the options that appear, select the ‘Add New Field’ option.

In the popup that appears, select the ‘Basic Fields’ option in the left-hand menu and then click the ‘+’ button next to the ‘Short Answer Field’ to add it to your form.

Select it several more times to add 6x ‘Short Answer Field’ form fields to your form

Step 2: Label the fields

Now that the fields have been added to your form, it’s time to name them so that Attributer knows which fields to write the marketing attribution data to.

To name the fields, simply double click each one and a popup will appear that looks a bit like this:

You’ll need to give each of the 6x fields the following titles (including the square brackets):

Field #1

  • Field Title = [attributer-channel]

Field #2

  • Field Title = [attributer-channeldrilldown1]

Field #3

  • Field Title = [attributer-channeldrilldown2]

Field #4

  • Field Title = [attributer-channeldrilldown3]

Field #5

  • Field Title = [attributer-landingpage]

Field #6

  • Field Title = [attributer-landingpagegroup]

Step 3: Hide the fields

Hiding a field means that the field does not show to visitors on your website but is technically still present on your form (and therefore Attributer can write attribution information to it).

To do hide these fields, select ‘Dev mode’ from the top menu bar and then select ‘Turn On Dev Mode’

With Dev Mode turned on, select the recently added form fields and then select the ‘Hidden’ option in the Dev Mode panel.

Repeat the above to hide each of the 6x form fields you added for Attributer.

Step 4: Move the submit button (optional)

It may be the case that adding these additional 6x form fields to the bottom of your form has pushed the Send button and associated Success Message considerably down the page. Then when you hide the fields, you’re left with a large space between your form fields and the submit button.

To fix this, simply click and drag the Send Button & Success Message back up over the top of the hidden fields so that they sit in the desired position just below your visible form fields.

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