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Capture Form Submission Page

The form submission page is the URL of the page the form was submitted on.

Some form builders will capture this information automatically, but if your chosen form builder doesn’t then you can use Attributer to do it. Simply follow the instructions below to set it up:

How to capture form submission page using Attributer

Capturing the form submission page and passing it through to your CRM is easy with Attributer. All you need to do is add a ‘Submit Page’ field to your forms.

The process to do this will differ depending on the form builder you are using, but it will be the same as the process you went through to add the Channel & Channel Drilldown fields (if you can’t remember, instructions for adding those can be found here)

The default value or field name you need to add is as follows:

  • Default Value (used in Gravity Forms, WPForms & more) = [submitpage]
  • Field Name (used in Wix, Zoho Forms & more) = attributer-submitpage

How this differs from the landing page fields

Attributer has fields to capture the ‘Landing Page’ and ‘Landing Page Group’. So how are these different to the form submission page?

The landing page fields capture the first page the visitor lands on when they come to your site. Here’s some further detail:

  • Landing Page – This is the first page they saw on your website. As an example, if the first page a user landed on was our blog on capturing UTM parameters in Salesforce, then this field would be populated with ‘’
  • Landing Page Group – This is the grouping of content to which the first page they saw belongs to. It is derived from the first ‘sub-directory’ of the URL. So if the Landing Page was ‘’ then the Landing Page Group would be ‘/blog’.

The idea of these two fields is that it allows you to look at how many leads and customers you generate from certain types of content on your site (I.e. your blog) as well as drill down into how each individual page or post is performing.

On the other hand, the form submission page is the URL of the page they submitted the form on.

Even though they track different things, if a person submits a form on the same page they initially landed on this, these two fields could have the same value (I.e. if the person originally lands on and they submit a form on that page, then both the landing page and submit page fields would show the same URL).

Why we don’t capture form submission page in the main Channel fields

There are a couple of reasons why the form submission page isn’t a default field we capture:

  • Not required for many customers – For many of our customers, this isn’t really information that is valuable to them. They may only have one form on their site (I.e. the Contact Us form), or it may simply just not be information they care much about.
  • Some form builders capture it automatically – Some form builders (like Gravity Forms) capture the form submission page automatically, so it’s not something many of our customers need Attributer to do.

If, for whatever reason, you do need to capture the submission page though, simply adding this extra field to your forms will allow you to do that.

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