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Add Hidden Fields to Your Forms

Learn how to add Hidden Fields to your forms so that Attributer can write information to them

The second step in getting Attributer set up is to add the hidden fields to your forms. In this article, we'll give you general instructions as well as links to step-by-step instructions for specific technologies.

General instructions

In order for Attributer to work, you need to add 6x hidden fields with specific Default Text to any forms on your website that a potential lead could complete. This could include your Contact Us form, Request A Demo Form, Whitepaper Download form, Webinar Signup Forms, etc.

The Default text that you need to use is as follows:

  • [channel]
  • [channeldrilldown1]
  • [channeldrilldown2]
  • [channeldrilldown3]
  • [landingpage]
  • [landingpagegroup]

Depending on which form builder you use, there may be some additional steps so it's best to view the specific instructions section below.

Specific Instructions

Select the website technology you use below to see specific, step-by-step instructions for how to add hidden fields to your forms:

gravity forms

Gravity Forms

Wix logo

Wix Forms

Ninja forms

Ninja Forms

formidable forms

Formidable Forms

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7


Zoho Forms


Webflow Forms

Unbounce icon

Unbounce Forms

download (1)



ActiveCampaign Forms

Salesforce Logo

Salesforce Web to Lead Forms

Keap Logo

Keap Forms

Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365

download (3)


download (4)

Squarespace Forms



Elementor Icon

Elementor Forms

Custom HTML Forms




Pardot Forms

getleadforms icon



Pipedrive Forms

hubspot logo small

Hubspot Forms

Advanced Options

If you're a developer familiar with coding, it's also possible to pull the attribution data directly from the cookie rather than adding hidden fields to your forms.

This can be useful in situations where people can signup for your product or service without filling in a form, such as by using Facebook or Google social sign-in options.

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