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Getting Attributer to work with Pipedrive

Unfortunately, Pipedrive’s built-in form tool is very basic and does not have the ability to add hidden fields.

This means that Attributer cannot work if you are using Pipedrive’s native forms on your website.

Fortunately though, there are some alternatives that will not only work with Attributer, but offer much more flexibility and functionality.

If you are using WordPress

If you are using WordPress to power your website, there are a number of form building plugins that you can use to create lead generation forms on your website and send them into Pipedrive.

These include Gravity Forms, WP Forms, Ninja Forms & Formidable Forms.

Not only do all of the above form building tools work with Attributer, but they are much more powerful than Pipedrive’s basic form building tool, and include the ability to:

  • Better spam protection
  • More types of fields and easier customisation to suit your website
  • Better confirmation options, including sending emails to multiple addresses, customising the emails, sending data to spreadsheets & other tools, etc.
  • Integrations with hundreds of other tools

Better yet, these tools cost far less than Pipedrive forms. They are typically around $50 per year whilst Pipedrive Web Forms is an additional add-on to your standard Pipedrive licence and costs around $480 per year.

If you are using another CMS

If you are using a different CMS to power your website (such as Wix, Squarespace, Webflow, etc), then these CMS systems have built-in form building tools that will work with Attributer. See below for instructions:

These form building tools are much more powerful than Pipedrive’s native form building tool, and because they are part of your website building tool they offer a lot more customisation in terms of how the forms look and feel.

And of course, they can all be integrated with Pipedrive using Zapier or with various plugins/add-ons.

If you need help with any of this, our team would be more than happy to get on a call and help you setup one of these new form tools on your website and get it integrated with Attributer & Pipedrive. You can contact us here.

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