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Setting up Attributer with Calendly

Calendly is a popular meeting scheduling tool that you can embed on your website to allow visitors to select a time to meet with a member of your team.

Attributer can work with Calendly to pass through marketing attribution data on each lead that books a time with your team.

To set it up, follow the instructions below:

1. Familiarise yourself with how Attributer passes data to Calendly

With most standard form tools, Attributer requires you to add a series of hidden fields to your forms that Attributer will ultimately write the marketing attribution into.

Calendly on the other hand does not have the ability to add hidden fields. Instead, they have pre-built fields for all the 5 UTM parameters (UTM medium, source, campaign, term & content) that are already built into the forms in your Calendly widget.

As a result, Attributer uses these prebuilt fields to write the attribution information in. We map our Channel fields to Calendly’s UTM fields as follows:

  • ‘UTM Medium’ in Calendly is populated by Attributer’s ‘Channel’ field
  • ‘UTM Source’ in Calendly is populated by Attributer’s ‘Channel Drilldown 1’ field
  • ‘UTM Campaign’ in Calendly is populated by Attributer’s ‘Channel Drilldown 2’ field
  • ‘UTM Term’ in Calendly is populated by Attributer’s ‘Channel Drilldown 3’ field

Given that Attributer captures the UTM source in Channel Drilldown 1, the UTM Campaign in Channel Drilldown 2 and the UTM Term in Channel Drilldown 3, this ultimately means that the UTM parameters you use behind your ads are mapped into the correct fields in Calendly.

The only slight oddity will be if someone comes from an organic channel like Organic Search, in which case ‘Organic Search’ would be written into Calendly’s UTM_Medium field (and it’s not technically a UTM_Medium because you cannot put UTM parameters behind organic search results).

2. Get your Calendly URL

The second step in setting up Attributer with Calendly is to login to your account and get the URL of the Calendly booking widget you want Attributer to work with.

To do this, simply click the ‘Copy Link’ button on the booking widget.

    3. Generate a custom embed code

    Enter your Calendly URL into the box below to generate a custom embed code. This code is a variation of the standard Calendly embed code that tells it to fill Calendly’s prebuilt UTM fields with data provided by Attributer.

    Finally, paste this code where you want your Calendly booking widget to appear on your website

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