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Capturing the MSCLKID

MSCLKID (also known as the Microsoft Click ID) is a unique string of numbers that is added to the URL when you have Autotagging turned on in Bing Ads.

By default, Attributer doesn’t capture the MSCLKID into any of the standard Channel or Channel Drilldown fields but it is possible to capture it using Attributer, and this article will show you how:

How to capture UTM Content using Attributer

Capturing the MSCLKID and passing it through to your CRM is easy with Attributer. All you need to do is add a ‘MSCLKID’ field to your forms.

The process to do this will differ depending on the form tool you are using, but it will be the same as the process you went through to add the Channel & Channel Drilldown fields (if you can’t remember, instructions for adding those can be found here)

The default value or field name you need to add is as follows:

  • Default Value (used in Gravity Forms, WPForms & more) = [msclkid]
  • Field Name (used in Wix, Zoho Forms & more) = msclkid

Why we don’t capture MSCLKID in the main Channel fields

For the vast majority of our customers, the MSCLKID is a long, random string of numbers and capturing it in their CRM can’t tell them anything about where their lead came from, what ad they clicked, etc.

As a result, we don’t capture it in the standard Channel & Channel Drilldown fields simply because the vast majority of our customers don’t have any need for it.

If for whatever reason you do need to capture it though, simply adding this extra field to your forms will allow you do that.

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