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Capturing UTM ID with Attributer

UTM ID is not one of the 5 standard UTM parameters and is usually reserved for advanced use cases whereby you want to hide the UTM parameters from your visitors and instead upload a spreadsheet to your analytics tools which maps UTM ID’s to the different parameters (I.e. UTM Source, UTM Campaign, etc)

Research by UTM Management Tool suggests that UTM ID isn’t used by most organisations, and as a result Attributer doesn’t capture it in the standard Channel, Channel Drilldown 1, Channel Drilldown 2 and Channel Drilldown 3 fields.

It is possible to capture it using Attributer though, and this article will show you how:

How to capture UTM ID using Attributer

Capturing UTM ID and passing it through to your CRM is easy with Attributer. All you need to do is add a ‘UTM ID’ field to your forms.

The process to do this will differ depending on the form tool you are using, but it will be the same as the process you went through to add the other Channel & Channel Drilldown fields (if you can’t remember, instructions for adding those can be found here)

The default value or field name you need to add is as follows:

  • Default Value (used in Gravity Forms, WPForms & more) = [id]
  • Field Name (used in Wix, Zoho Forms & more) = id

Why we don’t capture UTM ID in the main Channel fields

As mentioned earlier, research suggests that UTM ID isn’t often used and the UTM Medium, UTM Source, UTM Campaign and UTM Term parameters are the main ones most people use.

As a result, we decided to prioritise writing those parameters into the Drilldown 1, Drilldown 2 and Drilldown 3 fields and leave the UTM ID field as an optional form field that people can add if they need to capture UTM ID.

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