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Embedded Forms on Wix

If you are trying to get Attributer to work with an embedded form on a Wix website (E.g. A Typeform, Wufoo or Jotform form embedded on a Wix website) then it’s likely you are struggling to get it to work.

This article will outline why it isn’t working and what your options are.

Why it isn’t working

This is because when you use Wix’s HTML Embed element to embed the form on your page, Wix actually loads it in an iFrame rather than loading it directly on the page (If you’re not familiar with iFrames, they are basically like a window you place on your page that shows another page inside it.)

This ultimately means that the form isn’t actually loading on the page. A window is being loaded on the page that is showing the form inside it, but the form itself isn’t actually on the page.

As a result, Attributer cannot see and/or write the attribution information into the hidden fields.

What your options are

Your best option is to use Wix’s built-in form building functionality. Attributer can work with forms created in Wix by following the instructions here.

If you need to send the lead information captured by these Wix Forms into your CRM or other tools, Wix integrates with Zapier which can send the data into 2,000+ other tools.

If you need help setting this up or have any further questions, you can email us here or book a time to jump on a call here.

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